Lana Parrilla & More Women On Why Voting’s Essential


Once Upon A Time’ star Lana Parrilla helped lead an enthusiastic voting rally along with Michelle Obama in Las Vegas, Sept 23rd and here she tells HollywoodLife why she had to speak out on voting.

As one of the stars of Once Upon A Time, Lana Parrilla, aka, The Evil Queen, was mesmerizing as the mayor of Storybrook, and she didn’t exactly play fair when it came to getting elected to office. However, in real life Parrilla is a staunch advocate for each and every American exercising their democratic right to vote. She has jumped in to support new non-partisan organization co-chaired by Michelle Obama — When We All Vote. And there she was in front of an enthusiastic Las Vegas crowd of 3,000 in the Chaparral High School encouraging them all to register to vote and to register their friends and family, and then to all get out to vote on Nov. 6th. So why has Lana thrown her hat into the ring as a voting advocate?

“It’s critical to vote because the entire House of Representatives, one-third of the Senate and two-thirds of governorships, are all up for election,” on Nov. 6th, she told in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “These races represent a tremendous amount of the overall government so every vote becomes even more important. Now, interestingly, Parrilla admits that like many of us, she didn’t always realize how important midterm elections were until recently, “The first time I voted, it was for a presidential election and I was 18. Unfortunately, I have not always participated in midterm elections, because I didn’t always realize how vital they were,” she told “It’s just been during this cycle in which I recognized how critical it is to be engaged in this process, and begun really working to educate myself on the issues.”

You see, Lana is just like a lot of us. And just like, which has partnered with When We All Vote, to encourage voting registration because we believe this is a patriotic thing to do, Parrilla, got active with the former First Lady’s organization, because she is a “proud American.” “I’ve come to realize that (being a proud American) means being part of every election cycle and being included means doing due diligence, informing myself and encouraging other to do the same,” she explained. She admitted that the “fantastic” turnout and “enthusiasm” at the rally surprised her. “I’m inspired and motivated by the enthusiasm of those in attendance. It helped me to really understand that we’re all in this together!”

Lana was definitely right that the enthusiasm for voting was running sky high at the Las Vegas rally. HollywoodLife spoke to several woman who were thrilled to be there, and were deeply motivated to vote on Nov. 6th. “I can’t go to bed at night, not trying to make the world a better place for my daughters,” said Jill Farmer, who was there with her two daughters, five and eight. “It’s really important to exercise our “voice”and I want my two daughters to know that their voices matter they’re important… now that I’m a mother it’s changed my life, I realize that we need to take the future into our own hands.” Women’s rights are a top priority for Jill, “huge,” and she’s deeply concerned about Brett Kavanaugh possibly being confirmed for a seat on the Supreme Court, with all the sexual misconduct allegations that have been made.

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